Heart of Homer sees mom through

My sister-in-law has encouraged me that God will send me ravens through my drought; she wasn’t kidding. I am a humbled woman who has amazing friends and lives in a community whose bond goes deeper than I can describe. 

I found comfort with a wise woman as she hugged me and prayed over me as my nightmare began. 

I found strength in the ER by grabbing a Nutcracker mom’s hand and having a friend rub my back — we raised our boys together. And there was a family who was my rock as a nurse escorted me out of the ER as they resuscitated my son back to life.

A body of support as I looked for hope to flooded prayer as the call went out. A man to lift me in the air to land me safely to my son as I knew I had minutes left to say, “I love you,” one more time.

A sister to come and protect my only surviving blood to friends coming from everywhere without making a call.  

A cheer went out as my son first stood, to Whoop! Whoop! videos to encourage him still, to flooded visitors who made the four-hour drive to a friend to help my family break out my son to pull a trigger to start a race.  

To the pre-teens, teens and young adults how can I repay you for your kind words, prayer and thoughts?

As I reflect at the 911, teacher, Homer firefighters who helped my son to the amazing ER team who played the best game of their lives to keep my son alive, I can’t get over the heart of Homer and the color it brings. I thank my Lord and Savior that you all are what I need. 

How can I forget two amazing women from Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center and my neighbor Perk to bring on the game? Just thank you all. 

Our young man is healing everyday. 

Mary VanLiere 


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