SPH offers telemedicine to help stroke victims

  • South Peninsula Hospital Emergency Room physicians participate in a recent training on new tele-stroke equipment and service now available at SPH. ER physicians attending included Drs. Martha Cotten and Guilia Tortora, both standing in center, who are listening to one of the trainers from Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. -Photo provided

South Peninsula Hospital now offers telemedicine that saves time and lives.

Every minute counts when someone is experiencing stroke symptoms. And now, South Peninsula Hospital offers web-based telemedicine to allow a consulting neurologist to get their eyes on a patient within minutes of their arrival to SPH’s Emergency Room.

Offered through the telehealth program at Providence Alaska Medical Center, tele-stroke uses an electronic Internet platform and portable equipment to connect stroke patients and the hospital’s ER doctors with a neurologist in Anchorage or Seattle.

Using an extremely high definition camera, the consulting neurologist can talk to the patient in Homer about their symptoms, evaluate the patient’s motor skills, view the patient’s CT scan, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States and time is very important when treating a stroke. A victim who is treated within three hours of a stroke has a significantly lower risk of permanent brain damage or death than one who waits for treatment.

Tele-stroke joins electronic-ICU as recent forms of telehealth offered at South Peninsula Hospital, allowing for more advanced care while keeping residents close to home.





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