20 years ago in the Homer News:

City officials in Homer were looking at possible administrative sanctions against Homer Police Sgt. Andy Klamser as an investigation continued by the Anchorage Police Department into an allegation of sexual assault made against Klamser. On Saturday, Oct. 12 an Anchorage woman accused Klamser of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room in Anchorage. He said the sex was consensual, but the alleged victim said he was intimidated by the fact he was a police officer and had a gun. The victim knew Klamser as she had once lived in Homer and he had investigated assault allegations by her against others, which may give reason for the HPD to question his judgment even if formal assault charges were never filed, said City Manager Patti Whalin and HPD Chief Dennis Oakland.

– From the issue of Oct. 24, 1996

30 years ago in the Homer News:

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District was looking at its fifth major budget cut of the year after district enrollment went down by 25 more students. Though the losses were spread across the district, the count in Homer area schools remained stable and Anchor Point gained three students. Soldotna schools had the biggest dip in population, is down by 26 students from the previous year.

– From the issue of Oct. 23, 1986

50 years ago in the Homer News:

Chuck Stiles, pilot for Johnson Helicopters, made his secon “wet” landing in the Homer area within a year when his craft’s flight controls froze due to the low temperature at a point over the mountainous terrain north of Homer. Stiles was enroute to Kenai from Homer on Thursday, Oct. 20. Stiles brought the chopper down by autorotation (power-off) descent without incident.

– From the issue of Oct. 27, 1966


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