• Writer, photographer, editor, professor, biologist, outdoorsman, scholar, veteran, Alaskan and family man: in the history of Alaska’s post-World War II generation that came into the country and settled the state, Jim Douglas Rearden exemplified the breed. Wicked smart, funny, personable and handsome right down to his neatly clipped brush mustache, he stood as an example in the arts, humanities and sciences.

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The results of the recent presidential election left some in our nation in a state of shock, disbelief, appall, uncertainty, and even fear. Others were pleasantly surprised, jubilant, and sighed a breath of relief that the Washington elite were finally put on notice.


The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District wants the public to put pressure on the Legislature and the borough assembly to provide additional funding in the upcoming fiscal year.


The Homer Marine Trades Association was well represented at the Anchorage Boat Show, held Feb. 17-18 at the Denaina Center. Two boats from BayWeld proved to be a big draw. Also attending were representatives from Southcentral Radar, NOMAR, In Demand Marine, Lower Peninsula Power Sports, Desperate Marine and Northwest Signs. Homer Harbormaster Bryan Hawkins also attended.


In the found-object steel sculptures that have become Homer artist Don Henry’s trademark, forks, knives and spoons turn into sailing ships, birds and flowers. In Henry’s retrospective show at the Pratt Museum, Bikes by the Bay, the longtime and prolific artist has created full-scale sculptures you can sit in and straddle.