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  • In her show “Emergence,” now on exhibit at the Homer Council on the Arts, Astrid Friend’s paintings have a soft focus. Her images appear like the Kenai Mountains clouded in wispy fog. Colors from her palette reflect the light of winter, pale blues and pinks from a low sun. Some paintings have a stark contrast, though, sharp lines and bold geometric shapes that Friend said she used in her black-and-white film photography.

  • Seldovia once again offers a weekend of music and art around the summer solstice. Sponsored by the Seldovia Arts Council, the 17th annual Summer Solstice Music Festival runs June 22-25 at Homer’s village neighbor on the south shore of Kachemak Bay.

Best Bets

Yo, visitors from far-off lands. If you want to see moose in Homer, here’s a hot tip from the Betster: stay up late. Recently what with city meetings and stuff, yours truly has been working past sunset. That’s an Alaska summer solstice sunset, too, at 11:30 p.m., not a wimpy tropical day ending at 6 p.m.

The other day the Betster stood in line at the liquor store between some nice guys from Yukon Territory, Canada, and a couple with British accents. While cruising the Spit on a photo safari recently, yours truly spotted a slick little 4-wheel-drive motorhome from France. Yep: it’s that time of year when we’ll see not only tourists from the Lower 49, but travelers from foreign countries.

Here on Kachemak Bay, we’re hip to the concept that tides can change quickly and rise dramatically. Mariners know not to push certain channels, and beach walkers keep an eye on the time so as to not get forced into the bluffs while walking from Diamond Creek to Bishop’s Beach.

  • Twenty-four swimmers from the Kachemak Swim Club (KSC) converged upon the Bartlett High School pool last weekend in Anchorage for the Alaska Swimming Junior Olympics championship meet.

  • There is a movement happening in Anchor Point involving the sport of wrestling. With strong wrestling roots, the Anchor Kings Wrestling Club reestablished itself three years ago in a grass roots effort to be an all-inclusive, kid focused, program where wrestling is secondary to providing a healthy, character-building activity for anyone who wants to put in the time. In a community where names like Poindexter, Neland, and Roderick are synonymous with wrestling excellence, they are quickly being accompanied by names like Newman, Wells, and Nyvall. The result of the effort to reestablish wrestling in Anchor Point? A state championship at this past weekend’s USA Wrestling State Championship in Wasilla.

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