• Homer’s Pier One Theatre has always been a home-grown operation, with locals lending a hand for everything from directing to acting to tech to make-up and costumes. That’s especially so with Pier One Youth Theatre, the summer theater camp that challenges youth from elementary to high school to learn all aspects of theater.

  • Karla Freeman memorial show opens at KBC

  • Salmonfest isn’t about the fish.

Best Bets

As idyllic as our little corner of the world can be, sometimes one finds oneself in need of a vacation. Maybe we find ourselves in a rut creatively, maybe our job has been weighing on us, or maybe we just really need a change of scenery — though the Betster fails to see what scene could be more perfect and picturesque than the mountains looming across Kachemak Bay.

The other day the Betster dared to attempt a left turn on Ocean Drive at mid-day. Holy Gridlock! What happened to our sleepy little town where if you have to wait 10 seconds to turn onto the Sterling Highway from West Hill Road, impatient bush rats start pounding their steering wheels?

Alaska has sure seen its fair share of celebrities of late. Former President Barack Obama graced the state with a visit to highlight global climate change, Mark Zuckerberg hung out in Halibut Cove, and most recently the almighty Oprah Winfrey detailed every moment of her Alaskaventure in the Southeast via excited social media posts.


  • Three Homer wrestlers went down to the Western Regional Competition in Pocatello, Idaho, last week with the following results.

  • 1. Eight-year-old Gigi Leonetti and 11-year-old Brooke Shafer race each other to the finish line of the Spit Run 10K.

  • Twenty-four swimmers from the Kachemak Swim Club (KSC) converged upon the Bartlett High School pool last weekend in Anchorage for the Alaska Swimming Junior Olympics championship meet.

  • There is a movement happening in Anchor Point involving the sport of wrestling. With strong wrestling roots, the Anchor Kings Wrestling Club reestablished itself three years ago in a grass roots effort to be an all-inclusive, kid focused, program where wrestling is secondary to providing a healthy, character-building activity for anyone who wants to put in the time. In a community where names like Poindexter, Neland, and Roderick are synonymous with wrestling excellence, they are quickly being accompanied by names like Newman, Wells, and Nyvall. The result of the effort to reestablish wrestling in Anchor Point? A state championship at this past weekend’s USA Wrestling State Championship in Wasilla.