• For most of her adult life, writer and filmmaker Jean Aspen has been recording her experiences in remote Alaska as well as in the more settled world. It’s a long habit she came to as the daughter of Arctic adventurers Constance and Harmon “Bud” Helmericks.

  • For someone who has lived in Homer since the day they were born, like Oceana Wills, there is rarely uncharted territory left to explore. But that’s what the 25-year-old commercial fisherman found when she began to take her art to the next level and enter the Homer scene professionally.

  • Tellabration! is Saturday

Best Bets

Well, it’s officially here. Sleet, powder, the white stuff — whatever you call it, it’s here in force. If you were one of those doing dances and singing songs to bring on the snow, congratulations: you got your wish. To those of us who are truly only happy in the throws of summer, my condolences. (Though, really, you might consider a different state to live in.)

Can you feel it? The slow but merciless onset of the winter doldrums? The Betster sure can.

The Betster would like to put in a request to Mother Nature that the snow make a decision. It drops by a for a quick chat, a bite of cake, a sip of tea, then disappears without warning. The barren winter ground — or if you’re among the lucky residents of Diamond Ridge and Skyline, slushy ice — it leaves behind is hardly as fun.