• Deadline is Friday for art contest

  • Most Homer art exhibits consist of finished work after months or even years of preparation. That’s often the case even in student shows. A show that opened last Thursday at Kachemak Bay Campus focuses not on the end work but the process of art itself.

  • On the 150th anniversary of the Alaska purchase, and with Seward’s Day on Monday, two new books by Anchorage writer Michael Dunham and his talk last week shed some new light on the personalities surrounding what Dunham calls “the world’s best real estate deal.”

Best Bets

If your social media newsfeed has been clogged with talk about fake news and alternative facts, boy, do we have a holiday for you. Be afraid, Betsteroids, because on Saturday’s it’s the biggest celebration of the year for jokesters.

Last Thursday at his talk about William Seward and Tsar Alexander II, writer Michael Dunham tossed off a “what-if” that got the Betster thinking. In the Crimean War of 1853-56, the British war fleet attacked Petropavlosk and could have taken Russian Sitka, but didn’t. What if they had? Dunham asked.

To all the glorious women in the world, the Betster apologizes for not wearing red on International Women’s Day. In the 1910s and 1920s the Suffragettes wore white. Back in the 1960s people wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam War. Other than a splash of red, that’s the way social activists rolled in the grayscale era. Just like television, we now live in a glorious and colorful world. It can be hard sometimes to keep track of causes and dates to show your colors.

  • By Storm Cavasos

  • Community Recreation Schedule

  • All-NSC hockey team released

  • Homer Winter Carnival

  • The Kachemak Swim Club Kings hosted their annual End of the Road invite at the Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center Feb. 10-11. Notching first place finishes for the Kings were Luke Nelson (4), Madison Story (4), Carly Nelson (3), Lauren Kuhns (3), Elsa Milne (3), Hazel Pearson (3), Abigail George (3), Kate Moseley (3), Timmy Cissney (3), Clayton Arndt (2), Kira Milne (2), Ella Blanton-Yourkowski (2), Jai Badajos (2), Lia Jacobsen (2), Wynne Reed (2), Brady Coppo (2), Makayla Sarsfield (2), and one each for Adeline Berry, Luke Nollar, Kaylin Anderson, Faith Overson, Nathan Overson, Skyler Rodriguez and Hartley Miller.