• The role of the keynote speaker at the annual Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference can range from Rotary Club toastmaster to Marine Boot Camp drill instructor — “All right, you maggots, get out there and write.” Sometimes it turns into stand-up comedy, like the time Amy Tan read from the Cliff Notes edition of her novel, “The Joy Luck Club”

  • The Homer Council on the Arts announced its annual arts awards at its annual meeting last Wednesday, June 6. In a press release on June 8, HCOA director Peggy Paver announced the winners. The awards are now named in honor of arts leaders who have made a difference in the community, Paver said.

  • At big minus tides when the sea retreats and intertidal life become visible, Kachemak Bay beaches turn into transient treasure chests. Heads down, clusters of citizen scientists poke among rocks, searching for chitons and anemones and sea stars. Objects inches long or less bear the scrutiny of flashy diamonds in a jewelry shop.

Best Bets

Ya know what?

The dog days of summer are here, folks.

This past Monday, Homerites young and old took time to remember the veterans who gave their lives for everything we enjoy in this country — and, by extension, the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea — today.