• ‘On the Wing’ returns

  • In Qena Sint’isis, an exhibit showing through May 26 at the Pratt Museum, artist Argent Kvasnikoff looks at the deeper meaning of language and text. He also reveals a defect of the modern Latin or Roman alphabet, the writing used for many Western languages. Stylized over time, the marks used to show sounds in the Latin alphabet have lost any symbolic meaning — “A” for “ox,” for example, or “O” for “eye.”

  • Registration is open for summertime Pier One Youth Theatre Camps

Best Bets

The obvious joke today would be to write something about it being 4-20. Holy sinsemilla, dude! You don’t know about 4-20? Let us just say that in cannabis culture, 4:20 p.m. and April 20 count as cosmic moments. It’s a long, convoluted explanation that only makes sense if you’ve consumed a few bowls of Kachemak Krush — done responsibly, of course.

Sharpen those pencils. Get out the shoebox of receipts. Gather togther your W-2s, your 1099s and your Schedule Ks. The time has come, brave citizens, for all working schmoes to do what must be done to keep our military mighty, our roads running and our social safety-net taut. Yup. It’s tax time.

We live in a time of great transition, Betsteroids. Chaos has descended upon the world. What once seemed black and white has become a muddled, confusing gray. Great things will happen this month as forces more powerful than any of us get unleashed.

  • By Storm Cavasos

  • Community Recreation Schedule

  • All-NSC hockey team released

  • Homer Winter Carnival

  • The Kachemak Swim Club Kings hosted their annual End of the Road invite at the Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center Feb. 10-11. Notching first place finishes for the Kings were Luke Nelson (4), Madison Story (4), Carly Nelson (3), Lauren Kuhns (3), Elsa Milne (3), Hazel Pearson (3), Abigail George (3), Kate Moseley (3), Timmy Cissney (3), Clayton Arndt (2), Kira Milne (2), Ella Blanton-Yourkowski (2), Jai Badajos (2), Lia Jacobsen (2), Wynne Reed (2), Brady Coppo (2), Makayla Sarsfield (2), and one each for Adeline Berry, Luke Nollar, Kaylin Anderson, Faith Overson, Nathan Overson, Skyler Rodriguez and Hartley Miller.