• Atz Kilcher has been a storyteller for decades. Whether through his music, art or other projects, his preferred method of communicating is through anecdotes, and that didn’t change when he set out to write his first book: “Son of a Midnight Land.”

  • Brandi Carlile will headline Salmonfest

  • When musicians or bands who have enjoyed as long and varied a career as the Irish rock group Young Dubliners say they “just love” playing in (insert name of ridiculously small town you’ve never heard of in middle-of-nowhere America) you can usually bet they’re just being nice. When Dubliners frontrunner Keith Roberts says he loves Homer and the state of Alaska, he’s not only telling the truth — he’s speaking to a bit of a personal obsession.

Best Bets

At Monday’s Homer City Council meeting, council member Shelly Erickson suggested a little snow jujitsu.

Hold onto wool hats, people, we are nearly up to 9 hours of beautiful, bountiful, blessed light a day!

In light of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address this week, the Betster got to thinking about the state of our quiet, quaint little Hamlet by the Sea, and decided to compile just a few events, observations and goals that other Homerites may or may not identify with.We have had an exceptionally warm year. Must remember to write to the EPA … er, Mother Nature about that.