• In the found-object steel sculptures that have become Homer artist Don Henry’s trademark, forks, knives and spoons turn into sailing ships, birds and flowers. In Henry’s retrospective show at the Pratt Museum, Bikes by the Bay, the longtime and prolific artist has created full-scale sculptures you can sit in and straddle.

  • Peter Mulvey performs today

  • At some of Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Artist in Residency programs, artists use the space as a working studio, with the gallery walls secondary to the creative experience. For a residency last year with paper artist Desiree Hagen and last month with Mandy Bernard, the experience could be called, “Wreck this gallery.”

Best Bets

Reading some of the comments lately about Homer on social media, the Betster wonders if maybe some of our fellow Alaskans have ever met any of us. Yeah, we have a reputation as a hotbed of social justice special snowflake warriors who haven’t worked since the Reagan administration. We’re a bunch of slacker stoner atheists quick to protest anything, some say.

Wise people who know more than the Betster have been talking about alternate facts. Apparently a spokesperson for the 45th President of the United States suggested a different group of inauguration attendance figures were “alternate facts.”

Some people seem surprised when a big southwest wind on a 20-foot plus tide turns the Spit Road into a big wall of surf splashing on the road. Here’s a life hack, Betseroids. If Kachemak Bay has so many whitecaps it looks like one ginormous washing machine, a high tide will bring all that energy up to the Spit. What do you get when those waves hit the rocks? Kablam! The plow people will be scraping rocks, driftwood and car parts off the road, that’s what.

  • All-NSC hockey team released

  • Homer Winter Carnival

  • The Kachemak Swim Club Kings hosted their annual End of the Road invite at the Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center Feb. 10-11. Notching first place finishes for the Kings were Luke Nelson (4), Madison Story (4), Carly Nelson (3), Lauren Kuhns (3), Elsa Milne (3), Hazel Pearson (3), Abigail George (3), Kate Moseley (3), Timmy Cissney (3), Clayton Arndt (2), Kira Milne (2), Ella Blanton-Yourkowski (2), Jai Badajos (2), Lia Jacobsen (2), Wynne Reed (2), Brady Coppo (2), Makayla Sarsfield (2), and one each for Adeline Berry, Luke Nollar, Kaylin Anderson, Faith Overson, Nathan Overson, Skyler Rodriguez and Hartley Miller.

  • Morris News Service - Alaska

  • The Kachemak Swim Club (KSC) Kings sent 54 swimmers to Kenai to participate in the Snowball Invitational swim meet hosted by the Peninsula Piranha’s swim team on Jan. 13-14.