• Atz Kilcher performs for folk school

  • Walk through the Pratt Museum’s summer art exhibit, “Dirigibles of Denali,” and the show looks like a normal installation. Large pixelated prints hang on walls. Two tapestries fill up the space over the stairwell. Drawings of futuristic domed cities tell of a past-imagined vision of tomorrow. Prose poems add a literary art perspective. And in the middle appears a blank pedestal, as if creator and artist Nathan Shafer forgot a piece.

  • Barbara Lavallee visits Art Shop Gallery

Best Bets

After a late spring and subsequently late summer, the Betster is finally starting to see some happy results, some telltale signs of Homer in the summer.

Wherefore art thou, nice weather? Hath Mother Nature forsaken us so easily?

According to a press release from WalletHub that popped up in the Betster’s email, the top-10 beach towns include Lahaina and Kihei, Hawaii, a whole mess of Florida beaches, and Westport, Connecticutt — but not one Alaska town. Holy sociology, Betsteroids!