• The lunch rush is over, but there’s still a steady stream of customers through the door of Cosmic Kitchen on a recent Friday afternoon. Over the banter of diners and clatter in the kitchen and interruptions that include buying some fresh halibut, owners Sean Hogan and Michelle Wilson take a break to talk about their newest endeavor.

  • HCOA presents dance and aerial festival

  • For three days at the beginning of August, thousands of people will fill the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds in Ninilchik for Salmonfest, a celebration of “fish, love and music.”

Best Bets

At the Battle of Little Round Top on July 2, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pa., as Union troops rallied to hold the strategic hill, U.S. Army Col. Strong Vincent, commander of the 3rd Brigade, gave his orders to Col. Joshua Chamberlain, leader of the 20th Maine Regiment: “This is the left of the Union line. You are to hold this ground at all costs!” Chamberlain stood fast, though the legend has it he said to himself, “Hold the line? How the heck do I do that?” At one point he mounted a list-ditch bayonet attack at the 15th and 47th Alabama of the Confederate Army, routing the Rebels. The 20th Maine kept Little Round Top, and the Union won the bloody battle of Gettysburg.

Once again we get the great gift of a day off in the middle of the week, thanks to the Fourth of July falling on a Tuesday. If you’re a foreign visitor who happens to be in town next week, welcome to the quintessential American holiday. Like Bastille Day in France or May 17 in Norway, it’s a day we celebrate our roots as a nation.

Yo, visitors from far-off lands. If you want to see moose in Homer, here’s a hot tip from the Betster: stay up late. Recently what with city meetings and stuff, yours truly has been working past sunset. That’s an Alaska summer solstice sunset, too, at 11:30 p.m., not a wimpy tropical day ending at 6 p.m.


  • Three Homer wrestlers went down to the Western Regional Competition in Pocatello, Idaho, last week with the following results.

  • 1. Eight-year-old Gigi Leonetti and 11-year-old Brooke Shafer race each other to the finish line of the Spit Run 10K.

  • Twenty-four swimmers from the Kachemak Swim Club (KSC) converged upon the Bartlett High School pool last weekend in Anchorage for the Alaska Swimming Junior Olympics championship meet.

  • There is a movement happening in Anchor Point involving the sport of wrestling. With strong wrestling roots, the Anchor Kings Wrestling Club reestablished itself three years ago in a grass roots effort to be an all-inclusive, kid focused, program where wrestling is secondary to providing a healthy, character-building activity for anyone who wants to put in the time. In a community where names like Poindexter, Neland, and Roderick are synonymous with wrestling excellence, they are quickly being accompanied by names like Newman, Wells, and Nyvall. The result of the effort to reestablish wrestling in Anchor Point? A state championship at this past weekend’s USA Wrestling State Championship in Wasilla.