Nick C. Varney

Look like a pro when you fillet your catch

Once the dipnetting for reds took off this summer, I starting receiving requests for some tips on how to fillet a fish without turning it into something more suitable for stew or soup.

It is astounding how many processing challenged individuals you’ll find chopping away at carcasses splayed out on cleaning tables with everything from dull pen knives to implements more suitable for logging.

Good fishing draws crowds to South Peninsula

I usually don’t fish on the weekends because it’s a great time to cruise the river accesses and The Spit to determine what’s being nailed, where and how, while listening to “scout’s honor” tales told ’round the cleaning tables.

Besides, being the size of a mutant Wookie, it would take a majorly modified shoehorn to fit me into some of my favorite spots when the hordes descend on the Kenai.

Last Saturday was a prime example of The Spit and its infamous fishing lagoon returning to the days when parking spaces and elbow room were at a premium.

This year, spring arrives in all its glory — and stays

Everyone has their opinion of when spring finally announced its royal presence. Anxious gardeners started scraping aside indolent wisps of minuscule snow berms dawdling beneath the limbs of shrubs probing for a struggling sprout of greenery. If successful, numerous fanatics went storm trooper and invaded any nearby box store hyping flats of young flowers.

Fish while you can; time zooming by

Wow, did we somehow pick up a serious tail wind of time since this column’s seasonal debut? Come on, Aug. 6 already?

It seems like it was just a short time ago that I first reported chinooks were starting to conduct drive-by strikes in the Nick Dudiak Lagoon back in mid-May.

Since then the column has touched on subjects from how to recognize what species you are landing to a plethora of hints on techniques to entice those gleaming beauties to hit and where to find them. 

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