Interim city manager named

A 22-year veteran in Alaska municipal government has been named interim city manager for Homer. 

Marvin Yoder will start after Jan. 1, and in the last two weeks of December will visit Homer, meet with outgoing City Manager Walt Wrede and get to know city departments, the city announced in a press release last week. Yoder will serve as interim manager for no more than six months.

50 years ago Quake rattles Homer

Fifty years ago today Alaska was slammed with a 9.2 earthquake. It occurred at 5:36 p.m. and its epicenter was about 90 kilometers west of Valdez and 120 kilometers east of Anchorage, according to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

Deaths numbered more than 100 and included 16 in Oregon and California, most of them from tsunamis. The quake damaged over an area of about 130,000 square kilometers, and was felt in an area of about 1,300,000 square kilometers. That’s all of Alaska, parts of Canada and south to Washington.

High winds wreak havoc on Homer

Gradually increasing winds alerted southern Kenai Peninsula residents that something was amiss last Thursday evening.

Decorative wind chimes on porches began to make noise. Then the chimes began banging against walls. Then, well, before things died down late on Friday, gusts exceeding 60 miles an hour had rocked the area, toppling trees, knocking out power, ripping roofing off buildings and creating dangerous driving conditions.

Residents embrace spirit of Thanksgiving holiday

The annual holiday season starts Thursday with turkey and ends with bubbly drinks on New Year’s Day. During the next five weeks, we will sit down to sumptuous feasts, brave Homer crowds as we shop locally, ponder the mystery of the season, go to church, hold bonfires, sing and celebrate with a variety of traditions. How do people honor the spirit of the holiday season? How do families, individuals and groups show gratitude? In these short stories, we look at how some area residents embrace Thanksgiving and keep the spirit of the holiday alive all year long.