Jenny Martin

Video showcases Big-Little matches

We would like to send a big thank you to Brian Smith for the fantastic video he made to showcase our Big and Little matches at our recent Dream Big luncheon. Brian’s video provided an excellent visual of what our Big and Little matches do together and how they change lives. With the help of Brian’s video, we raised funds vital to our sustainability and that allow us to provide fun, caring and supportive mentors for children in our community.

Mentoring: important way to pay it forward

Who mentored you? It’s a question that I ask new “Big” volunteers when I interview them at Big Brothers Big Sisters. The answers are fascinating and widely varied: parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, family friends, neighbors, older siblings, friends both young and old, spouses, pastors, employers, co-workers, and on and on. Their answers always trigger memories about the school mentors I had in my own life when I was younger and most of all the host of relatives that lived nearby. 


Collaboration in action

Months ago, our leadership council started planning a fundraising event for January Mentoring Month.  In preparation, I emailed all the local nonprofits to see if others had events going on in January so we didn’t pick the same night and compete with them. 

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