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Bearded Ballet: unique fundraiser

Considering that the amazing arts community in Homer recently presented performances of Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera, and Hamlet in the same week, it should come as no surprise to hear rumors of some sort of amazing theatrical production being planned for this winter. But even in Homer there are certain boundaries that have remained sacred.

Well, until now.

How Homer: Carnival opening ceremonies happen Saturday

If you think the 2014 Homer Winter Carnival is over, well, think again. The organizers spent three months planning and assembling an over-the-top “Opening Ceremonies” event which had to be rescheduled to this Saturday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m. at Mariner Park on the Spit because of snow. This being Homer it seems only right to end our Winter Carnival with the first event we had planned. 

So, Homer, it’s party time — epic style. 

Get ready for a weekend of fun

OK, People. It’s time. Homer Winter Carnival is here, and everything it’s always been is back, plus four new crowd-pleasers we hope you’ll enjoy.

Starting at 7 p.m. Thursday, The Mariner Theater and Homer Lions Club host the “Mr Homer Pageant.” (Yes, “pageant.”) 

Then Friday, my friends, is party time. “The Opening Ceremonies” is another event added to the HWC this year, and it’ll be amazing. Maybe even magic.

Homer Winter Carnival Countdown: Who needs snow?

First, an Outhouse Race update: The Otter Room stepped up to compete this week, which presents Homer with the awesome possibility of seeing “Fractal Mic” used as a hood ornament. We’re also expecting an entry from Land’s End, which seems almost like cheating considering that their own Food and Beverage Manager, Darrel Oliver, will be calling the races. Yah, what could possibly go wrong? 

Still time to nominate Mr. Homer contestants

Homer Winter Carnival is only two weeks away, and Genny Miller has been working closely with the Lions Club on reviving the Mr. Homer Pageant. There is still time to submit candidates, but please move fast. If you know a fun Homer resident that deserves to be dragged out on stage and be, well, let’s go with “admired” here, please go to our Facebook page and nominate the lucky guy soon. 

Lots of cash, prizes to be awarded to Homer Winter Carnival ‘Button Buyers’

Isn't it fun living in a small town? You may have heard by now the rumors around town that there will be a fire-breathing dragon at the Homer Winter Carnival opening ceremonies. Lol. Not true. Well, sort of true. You'll have to come to Karen Hornaday Park Friday night — that’s Feb. 7 — to find out our little surprise. For a hint check out the collectible buttons now showing up near cash registers all over Homer. Look for the “Fractal Mic” button.

Homer, get ready for some winter fun

Keep your eyes open for the 2014 Homer Winter Carnival collectible buttons being sold around town as planning of carnival activities continues. 

The first big event is the Mr. Homer Pageant on Feb. 6 at Homer High School. One lucky man to will be chosen to preside over festivities as “Mr. Homer.”  This This Homer-style, sorta-beauty pageant is based on contestants judged in four categories, including Homer swimwear. Visit our Facebook page for information or to submit your nomination for a contestant.  

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