Caroline Venuti

Venuti: Time to revitalize Homer

When I drive away from my home the first intersection that I encounter is Pioneer Avenue. As many of us know, trying to make a left turn, or even a right turn there can at times be challenging, especially in the early morning and after school or work rush hours: However, it is not uncommon during mid-day in the summer when looking east or west, there will not be a moving vehicle in sight. By contrast, if I then go down to the post office, the Sterling Highway will at the very same time be simply bustling with traffic, most of it headed to the spit. The name Homer Bypass really does describe this route through Homer. It is easy to see how a newcomer driving into Homer on the Sterling Highway would naturally assume that the road is headed into Homer and completely miss the turn onto Pioneer Avenue. In some ways, the Bypass has become too effective. It primarily directs traffic to those businesses located further east of downtown or out on the spit.

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