By Vonda Nixon

Parsifal is next in opera series

How does a young man who doesn’t even know his own name become part of a vision “that a blameless fool made wise through compassion will become the King of the Grail?” That’s the plot of Richard Wagner’s “Parsifal,” the next-to-last Live at the Met opera showing 6 p.m. April 25 at the Homer Theatre.

For the 2013 version, the New York Post called it “A magnificent new production ... an exquisite pleasure for the eye and ear, it’s also food for the soul.”

‘Rigeletto’ gets update

How do you take an opera written for the 16th century and turn it into a Las Vegas setting in the 1960s? How is Rigeletto going to be depicted as a jester?

You will have to attend the Homer Theatre's showing at 6 p.m. March 21 of the Metropolitan Opera's "Rigeletto" to find out. How will the Met pull this off?

We are encouraging people who are sitting on the fence to come check out the wonderful venue we offer in Homer. Get off the fence and come see a modern setting for this show.

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