Andrea Van Dinther

Dear Alaska and Homer

We almost moved out of Alaska. This would make us part of “The Leavers.” You know, the super close friends that become like family. They move away and take a gigantic piece of your heart with them. The ones you think of during dark February nights, the ones you wish you could join across the bay for a hike, the ones you miss. 

We question The Leavers. Was it the winter? Too hard to make a living? Aging family? Some reasons we understand, others we judge. Winter — ha, learn to ski. 

One mother’ s take on burlesque, friendship

I want to ask the questions that make us bristle. The goal: investigate something that makes me uncomfortable while holding a space of compassion, i.e. no judgment.

Isn't the burlesque show, which raises money for community nonprofits, just trumped up stripping? The charitable giving just a smoke screen that makes it acceptable for people to take their clothes off in public?

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